What To Know About Eternity Bands

At Landsberg Jewelers, we love eternity bands. We offer a variety of cutting-edge styles of these coveted rings as well as offer the opportunity to custom make your own eternity band layout. Our goal is to ensure you get everything you want in this very sentimental and sparkly piece that you will own for eternity.

What Are Eternity Bands?

Eternity rings get their name from their unique design that shows no beginning or end. They are mostly used as wedding bands, but their function transverses that of a wedding band. Eternity bands are always viewed as eternal because of their property of being complete with no sign of beginning or end.

By design, eternity bands are made with diamonds circling the entire perimeter, but they have different precious stones encircling them in some cases. They come in various sizes and designs. Depending on your preference, you can get an embellished and complex eternity band or a basic and simple one.

What Is the Difference Between Eternity Bands And Traditional Wedding Rings?

All eternity bands can serve as wedding rings, but not all wedding rings can serve as eternity bands. That is the most significant difference there is in wedding rings and eternity rings. Eternity bands have designs that give them a versatile nature, whereas most wedding rings are made specifically for weddings.

When To Give An Eternity Ring

The younger and older generations are embracing eternity bands not only as fashion accessories but also as a show of commitment in relationships. 

The common time when eternity bands are given is at the altar, on a wedding day. The groom usually gives the bride along with the wedding ring to symbolize eternal commitment and loyalty. Another time when eternity rings are given is during wedding anniversaries as a gift of love and lasting fidelity.

. Couples can exchange weddings at any time, be it on valentines day, birthday, or even as a promise ring. 

How to Wear Eternity Bands

How to wear an eternity band is a matter of choice. For example, if you decide to use an eternity band as a wedding ring, it only makes sense to wear it on the wedding ring finger. However, if you want to wear it as a promise gift or a valentine's day gift, or any other function, you can wear it on any finger that appeals to you.

For those with larger engagement rings and larger eternity bands, we often suggest wearing your eternity band on the opposite hand. This allows you to take up more sparkly real estate on your fingers, but it also ensures that your diamonds and settings aren't rubbing against each other.

Types of Eternity Bands

Eternity rings come in four distinct types. The four main types are as follows:

  • Prong set eternity bands
  • Channel set eternity bands
  • Pave eternity band setting
  • Cut down eternity bands setting

The versatility of eternity bands makes them the perfect gift for many occasions. If you want to make the eternal commitment of love, loyalty, and friendship, then eternal bands are your best bet. Contact us today or schedule an appointment with us to see our exquisite collection of eternity bands.

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