What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

Diamond cut one of the 4Cs, and a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a diamond. The cut is what experts employ to bring out a gemstone's true beauty. The cut determines how the stone absorbs, reflects, or deflects light. A diamond's brilliance and sparkle are attributed to the quality of the cut. The cut also has a significant role in the price of the diamond. 

The Most Expensive Diamond Cut

Round diamonds are the most pricey of diamond cuts. These diamonds cost as high as 30% more than fancy-shaped diamonds. Why do round diamonds cost more? Read more!

Why Are Round-Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

Round diamonds are consistently in high demand, making them the most expensive. The popularity of these diamonds aligns with the laws of demand and supply. Because round cuts are one of the first developed brilliant cuts, they have classic timeless appeal.

Reflecting Light & Sparkle

Schematically, the round cut diamond comprises 57 or 58 facets that trap the tiniest of light rays. These facets appear strategically throughout the diamond and ensure light disperses evenly throughout the stone and is reflected in a noticeable way. Because round diamonds are proportional, they reflect light, making the stone look brighter. The proportions of round-cut diamonds offer the right setup for light to enter the stone and reflect into your eyes, resulting in a sparkly appearance. 

Diamond Color

When you hear of diamond color, it's actually a lack of color in these stones. The reason is that the highest quality diamond is “transparent.” Round-cut diamonds can hide color better by making up for color with a higher clarity, which also contributes to their high price. Flawless clarity and excellent cut diamonds will always cost considerably higher than flawed diamonds.

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