What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

When hunting for a genuine vintage engagement ring, you will likely run across an old mine-cut diamond. Well, this antique diamond cut is easily recognized for its unusual proportions. Read on as we dig deeper into what an old mine cut diamond is and what makes it unique.

What Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds?

An old mine cut is a manually shaped diamond that features a small table facet, a deep pavilion, a high crown, and a sizable faceted culet. Their bulk proportions possess a unique charm as a result of hand-cut and eye measurement. Old mine cut diamonds have 58 facets with the uniqueness of forming a hall of light under candlelight. However, the sparkle is not as brilliant as the modern cut diamond sparkle.  

History Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Old mine cut diamonds were very prevalent in the 1800s to 1900s before lasers and specialized machines. In the late 1800s, diamond cutting and measurement utilized eyes, hands, and cutters' skills to determine each diamond's appearance, proportion, and brilliance. 

At the end of the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods, a transition between the old cut and the modern brilliant-cut prevailed, making the brilliant-cut a popular choice. However, the "old mine cut" name tends to be mysterious compared to other diamond cuts that derive the word from their shape. 

Instead of deriving the name from the diamond shape, the old mine cut originates from rough diamonds in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Are There Old Mine Cut Diamonds That Still Exist?

For the last two decades, almost all old mine-cut diamonds on the market have undergone re-cut. It would be a fair assumption that old mine cut diamonds vanished due to our obsession with modernization. Some old mine-cuts were re-cut to meet the market demand for cleaner diamonds.

Despite most old mine cut diamonds undergoing a re-cut, a new trend has been visible in recent years as they have become more popular. Jewelers are now selling them in their original state. People across the world have rediscovered the uniqueness and the desirable light-reflecting properties of these cuts. So, yes, there are old mine cut diamonds in the market.

Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds Worth More?

Well, this depends on the diamond's size and grade. The increase in demand for antique diamonds can lead to a hefty increase in prices for high-quality old mine cuts. But just like the modern cut diamonds, they vary in price based on clarity, color, and carat weight. Poor grade old mine cut diamonds will cost less than the modern brilliant-cut.

Reasons To Purchase An Old Mine Cut Diamond

Did you know that old mine cut diamonds are eco-friendly? It may seem strange, but the fact that these diamonds are reused and recycled makes them friendly to the environment.  

Another upside of mine-cut diamonds is that each diamond is unique to the other. Uniqueness and individuality are what make them stand out. 

Today, the making of machine jewelry is in a rush for a quick turnover and high profits. The old mine cuts focused on aesthetic appeal, which led to fine stones with significant effects.

While old mine cut diamonds appear rugged, they are still gorgeous and worthwhile. If you want to own a unique and authentic engagement ring, visit Landsberg Jewelers showroom to explore and buy some of the unique designs. We have a decent collection of old-cut diamond rings to suit your taste and preference. Contact us today for more information.

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