What Is A Rose Cut Diamond?

The rose cut diamond has become one of the most popular diamond cuts. Learn more about this diamond type and what makes it special from this guide.

What Are Rose Cut Diamonds?

It is like any other diamond, but instead of having a pavilion base, which is the space below the girdle, or the “V” shape part of the diamond, it has a flat bottom. A rose cut diamond does not have complex cut properties, but the top of it is dome-shaped and has 24 facets, meaning, it incorporates more facets on the top.

In simple terms, the top of a rose cut diamond appears the same as any other domed diamond cut, but the difference is that it doesn’t have a pointed base underneath. Because rose cuts are more shallow than other cuts of diamonds, they are ideal for those who want to wear their diamond ring in a low profile setting.

Rose cut diamonds first came to be in the 1500s and were used through the Victorian and Georgian eras. Like other diamond cuts, they were hand-cut and designed for dazzling under candlelight. Their many facets allowed rose cuts to show exquisite performance in low-light conditions.

Types Of Rose Cut Diamond Shapes

Rose cut diamonds come in various shapes. While all display the same features on the top, their circumference varies significantly. Here are the most common shapes you can find on the market.

  • Round - if the rose cut has a perfect round shape, that typically indicates it is a more modern cut. However, if you see one with less than perfect roundness, that is usually referred to as an old mine cut.
  • Cushion - this is a rose cut diamond with a lengthier and pillowy shape.
  • Oval - the rose cut is a cut with in an oval shape

Rose Cut Diamond Color and Clarity

Diamond color refers to how colorless the diamond appears. The GIA, and other certification laboratories grade diamonds from D to Z, D being the most colorless and Z having a brown or yellow tint. Like all diamonds, rose cut diamonds come in all colors, including warmer tones and also shades / colors. For example, you may find a gray, opaque, bright white, champagne, salt & pepper, black, or yellow rose cut diamond.

Clarity, on the other hand, refers to the blemishes or inclusion in a diamond. It is ranked from flawless (FL) to noticeable with naked eyes (I3). 

Note that rose cut diamonds are transparent pieces. Thus, the more blemishes a cut has, the more noticeable they are.

If you want a transparent rose cut, be ready to invest in one with the highest clarity grade. Rose cuts are known for their vintage, antique appeal - that is what makes them so special and unique, so sometimes minor blemishes can fit the overall look of the ring. 

What Makes Rose Cut Diamond Popular?

Rose cut diamonds can be large. Because they tend to be more shallow where other diamond cuts carry more carat weight, and because they carry their carat weight on the top, rose cut diamonds cover a lot of real estate on one’s finger. In other words, a great reason to buy a rose cut is that you get a bigger look with the same carat weight as another cut. 

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