What Diamond shape Looks The Biggest?

Say you are yet to decide on a shape for your engagement ring. You worry a lot as the occasion draws closer. So, how do you opt for the most prominent diamond shape? An exciting aspect about diamonds is that weight determines the cost. 

The secret is in the shape and cut. You might easily confuse the two aspects. A cut refers to the artistry that a jeweler applies to a piece to enhance its light reflection abilities. If well-polished and smoothed, the stone will reflect light and appear large. 

Shape, on the other hand, is the physical form. Some common shapes include emerald, princess, cushion, oval, and round. 

A diamond's appearance changes depending on its shape. Despite being the same carat, two diamonds with different shapes will not look the same on your finger. The shallow depth of a cut creates an optical illusion. This visual trick makes some shapes seem larger than their surface area.

Diamond Shapes

So, what diamond shape looks the biggest? First is a sneak peek at some common shapes. 

Round Shape Diamonds

Round cuts are stunning with their intense brilliance, making them look big. They are a popular choice owing to their symmetrical shape. Round cuts account for over 50% of diamond purchases.

Emerald Shape Diamonds

The emerald cut comprises elongated faces with truncated corners. It is a big piece with a classic look and stunning beauty. An emerald diamond ring makes you look elegant.

Princess Shape Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds have a square outline, but you may also come across some slightly rectangular shapes. The cutting style gives the princess a brilliant sparkle. Princess shapes utilize 70% rough crystal compared to 50% for the round cut. 

Cushion Shape Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds are big with rounded corners. They have more rainbow-colored flashes than other cut types. 

Oval Shape Diamonds 

The oval cut yields a jewel with a large and elongated surface. It looks big on the wearer and gives your finger a slim and long feminine appearance. Also, oval cuts are sparkling and trendy.

Size Comparison

We can now compare the sizes to establish their ranking. We shall use a uniform weight of one carat (1ct.). The stones rank as follows:

  • Oval shape: 8 x 5.5 mm
  • Cushion shape: 6.5 x 5.5 mm
  • Emerald shape: 6.5 x 5 mm
  • Round shape: 6.4 mm
  • Princess shape: 5.5 mm 

Other Diamond Ring Size Enhancement Tips 

The more sparkle a diamond ring has, the larger its appearance. A slim setting makes the center diamond look large. In comparison, a wide ring band has an overbearing effect that shrinks the stone size. 

Halo settings make your ring look glamorous. The small accents surrounding the center stone have an optical effect on its size. Go for shiny metals that reflect the ring's center diamond. Gold and platinum are excellent choices. Lastly, clean your diamond ring to keep its sparkle. 


Diamond shapes can easily blind you into picking what you perceive as large. Consider how these shapes pan out in comparison to others. Contact Landsberg Jewelers for assistance in choosing diamond rings that match your preference.

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