Popular Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings

When buying an engagement ring, you will consider the shape of the diamond, setting style, metal type, finish, budget, and cutting style. All of these determine how your engagement ring will look and its durability. Several cut styles were invented in the past and have been used for years depending on personal preference and other factors. 

When talking about cut, one may confuse it with the shape of the diamond. The shape of the diamond is the underlying outline when seen face up. The shapes include ovals, hearts, rounds, squares, tapered, rectangles, and many others. On the other hand, cut is the facets' arrangement that determines the diamond's brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

Popular Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings

The following is a ranking from the most popular to the least popular;

Round Cut

The round cut has a circular shape which maximizes the stone's fire. It is a brilliant cut due to its 58 facets and is perfect for solitaire, three-stone, twin, and geometric diamond settings. These are risky settings and mostly work for cuts with minimal imperfections, such as this brilliant round cut. The cut is perfect if your partner likes a classic look.


Princess-Cut is the ultimate pick for a modern yet elegant engagement ring because of its customizable face-up appearance and geometrically modern look. It usually has 50-58 facets. Although the princess cut is wildly famed, it does not exceed the round cut. However, it is less costly compared to the round cut.


The cushion cut has a square shape with rounded edges, hence looking like a pillow. Its brilliance comes from its 58 facets. It was known as the old mine cut during the 18th century and resurged recently.

Oval cut

The oval cut creates an illusion of a long finger while offering a brilliance identical to the round cut. The oval cut calls for precision to avoid inclusions and other imperfections. These inclusions may be acceptable for salt and pepper oval cut diamonds since they make them unique.


This step cut has an unusual Art Deco aesthetic consisting of cropped corners, a rectangular shape, and an open table. The cut lacks internal brilliance but makes up for it with a sparkle known as a hall-of-mirrors effect. The diamond's clarity is highlighted by its geometric lines and long silhouette, which catch the light brilliantly.


This majestic cut has 56 facets, curved sides, and pointed edges; hence looks like a boat. It has an illusion of being bigger due to its elongated shape, making the finger look longer and thinner when the diamond is vertically placed. The pointed edges risk chipping and breakages if not set properly. 

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut combines the best features of the round brilliant and emerald cut. The radiant cut produces immense fire and brilliance with a shape similar to emerald and 70 deeply cut facets.

Heart Cut

The heart cut is a contemporary cut with a shape of love used to express love and is best for hopeless romantics. It has a beautiful shine and exquisite silhouette symmetry.

Where To Buy Your Engagement Ring

At Landsberg, we have professionals who can set your engagement rings in the cut style of your choice. Schedule a visit to our shop to look at the different cuts. We will advise you on the best cut, shape, metal type, and finish depending on your budget and personal preference. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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