Popular Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings

What is a diamond cut? It refers to the shape of a stone and how its facets transmit light. We invite you to read on and discover popular cuts for engagement rings.

The Most Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings


The round cut is a popular shape for brides that prefer a classic, timeless look. It features a round diamond with exceptional sparkle due to its brilliant cut. A round-cut diamond ring with nice clarity will always glitter. Round cut also offers a variety of styles to choose from in ring settings.


The princess cut stone is a square with strong lines and corners. It offers you a geometrical look, and the ring sparkles with brilliance too. Even more, princess cut engagement rings are less pricey than round cuts.


A cushion-cut diamond resembles a pillow and comprises a square shape with rounded corners. These diamonds are popular because of their elegant appearance and uniqueness. No two cushion-cut stones, or any diamonds for that matter, are the same. In addition to square shapes, you will come across oval shapes that look equally great.

Very popular now are elongated cushion cut diamonds, which give the rounded corners and brilliance in more of a rectangle shape rather than a traditional cushion square shape.


This type of engagement ring has a rectangular step cut with cropped corners. It has angular lines that catch the light and enhance the stone's clarity. In engagement bands where the stone has a vertical setting, the effect is slender and long fingers. If you seek a non-flashy engagement ring, an emerald cut is an excellent choice. Emerald cuts give the look of glass. The clarity must be top notch so you can see through it.


A marquise or Navette cut diamond has a football shape with curved sides but pointed edges. The stone is long and narrow, creating a mesmerizing impression. It has a brilliant sparkle and elongates your finger. 


Take a round diamond and elongate it. What you get is an oval-cut stone with a brilliant sparkle. Its oblong shape gives your finger an elongated appearance. Its sparkle and coverage over the finger earns the oval-cut a place among popular engagement ring styles.


This engagement ring shape resembles an emerald cut, but with deep-cut facets. As a result, you get more sparkle than an emerald, but both have a timeless silhouette. Unlike the princess style, a radiant-cut stone has eight corners and does not chip easily. Another aspect of this cut is its rarity. Elongated radiants are common for this cut as well, so it is ideal for those who want a rectangle shaped diamond with more sparkle than a step cut stone!

We Can Help You

These are but seven popular diamond engagement ring cuts. Others include the pear, asscher, heart, baguette, Ashoka, and trillion cuts. Engagement rings hold deep meaning for many couples, calling for extreme care when buying one. For that reason, you should work with someone personally, one-on-one who you can trust. 

Contact us to make an engagement ring appointment where we can discuss finding you the perfect diamond, designing your engagement ring or finding you a stone and ring you love in our store!

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