Pearls Are Making a Comeback

Pearls are making comeback and we are loving it. We are seeing different types of pearls from cultured to natural pearls featured in high jewelry creations in ways that represent a more modern era. The transition from more traditional settings of pearls is apparent as new designers continue to incorporate new styles into their seasonal collections. 

 Pearls are making a comeback and we're here for it

 No longer considered a staple in your grandmother's wardrobe, pearls are now the key to a modern sophisticated look for a younger wearer. After the 1980s, their popularity dropped, but as with any jewelry fashion cycle, pearls are back and better than ever. As more high jewelry collections are focusing on pearls in their designs, the gemstone is growing in demand. In fact, natural pearls are gaining popularity as pollution in the oceans rise.
A symbol of wealth, sophistication and power, pearls are the gemstone and the only one created by a living creature. With new and innovative settings focused on misshapen, asymmetrical and mismatched features, pearls have captured the appeal of modern greats such as Harry Styles, Marc Jacobs and Rihanna. However  let's not forget who paved the pearl pathway for others to follow - Grace Kelly, the British monarch, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O and Elizabeth Taylor, among others.
Pearls are making a comeback 
Pearls bring out a glow in the wearer's complexion and are a timeless piece in any jewelry collection. We love the look of an opera length stand of pearls as a long necklace option or a multi-strand of pearls as an option for a choker necklace. Pearls with colorful string between are great for summer ankle bracelets and a pearl and diamond-by-the-yard necklace is a truly timeless look for those who have loose diamonds and pearls sitting in their jewelry box begging to be reset into something special.

   pearls are making a comeback

In the famous works of Jackie O, "pearls are always appropriate," so start shopping our pearl collections here!
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