How to Style Your Jewelry with Masks - The Rise of Necklaces & The "Neck-Mess"

With face masks now a staple in our daily wardrobe, necklaces are ideal accessories. Trending now are the paperclip chains, which we love for their versatility. A chic layering piece which can be worn with charms or on its own, the paperclip chain is an important addition to every jewelry collection. It comes in different colors and sizes to work with different styles.  Additionally, they can be worn on either on the neck, wrist, or ankle. For those who want a more personal and distinctive look to their chain, we recommend adding pearl or gold charms with diamonds or semi-precious stones, which we always have available.  We love this chain because the large links allow the wearer to clip it into any length. Let's discuss how to style your jewelry with masks & the rise of the Neck-Mess! 


How to Style Your Jewelry with Masks

It's the perfect chain to create the hottest new look, the "neck-mess".
What is the "neck-mess" you ask? Exactly what it sounds like.

The Rise of the Neck-Mess

Go through your jewelry box and find some old, nostalgic charms to mix in with some new ones, add them to a great chain and there you have it. Your very own #neckmess - perfect for summer nights and and snowy winter days.


Landsberg Jewelers offers personalized attention and can help you curate an individual seasonal look that suits your style. We offer the opportunity to work one on one with our professional staff to reset some of your existing pieces, giving them new life and meaning.

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