From Now Until Eternity...Let's Talk Eternity Bands

The popularity of diamond “eternity bands” seems likely to go on unabated for, well, eternity. These rings are fan favorites because of their luxurious nature and timeless appeal. Symbolizing the eternal circle of love and life, eternity rings are a popular wedding band selection among brides as well as among couples. The design of the eternity band allows for them to be stacked on the finger, making them fabulous gifts for milestone anniversaries and other special moments in couples’ lives. Eternity bands not only do they look beautiful from any angle, but they also make for an ideal duo stacked with an engagement ring.


Eternity bands come in any size and carat weight, cut of diamond or precious stone, color gold and style. For those who like a bit of color, we recommend embracing that by adding a colorful eternity band or stacking ring between two diamond eternity rings for an extraordinarily glamorous effect.

In addition to our own eternity bands in our exclusive Normani designs collection, we also carry a variety of unique eternity and wedding bands from luxury designers including JB Star, Bez Ambar, Sasha Primak, Jeff Cooper, Benchmark, Martin Flyer, and Christopher Designs, among others. Visit our wedding band collection online.

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