Ear Piercing Questions Answered

Ear piercing is a religious and cosmetic tradition that has been around since ancient civilizations began recording. At Landsberg Jewelers, we keep the practice alive. We know clients have ear piercing questions, and we're here to answer them. 

Our motto on ear piercing is "it's not scary, it's fun!"

Your Ear Piercing Questions Answered

When it comes to ear piercing, our clients range: we work with girls as young as 6 months old, (which require special piercing earrings with shorter posts) as well as men as aged 85 years old! Ear piercing is ageless, genderless and limitless in terms of style and preference. It's a way to express your individuality and style...This is why we love it.

With multiple size and color stud options available in both white and yellow 14k gold, we have a piercing earring here for everyone. Our studs start at 3mm and go up to 7mm and our styles range from a simple gold ball to a multi-colored flower. Our selection of earrings allows our clients to accomplish various 'looks.' We can accommodate clients who want a more traditional single stud, as well as clients who want a bold, multi-piercing ear party. We exclusively stock 14k yellow and white gold because it is the safest and cleanest option for piercing the ear. *We do not pierce cartilage, as this is a hazardous place to pierce and is prone to infection.

Ear piercing questions answered

Mother daughter piercing duo!

When you get your ears pierced at Landsberg Jewelers, we provide you with a cleaning solution that is to be used in the morning and in the evening for 6 weeks straight. Keeping the piercing area clean is a priority. While we can only pierce ears using our special piercing earrings, we encourage clients to come back 6 weeks later to replace the piercing earring with something even more exciting! When it comes to a first piercing, you can do anything.

Typically we see younger girls coming in for their first piercing. For their age group, we love a diamond or precious stone stud. We also recommend our enamel and gold earrings for something more youthful as well as our small diamond and enamel huggie earrings. For a second lobe piercing, we love a mini huggie or a small diamond stud. When it comes to a second or third piercing, you are well on your way to a fun 'ear party,' which offers you versatile opportunities to mismatch your earrings, or to wear symbols that complement each other such as a star stud in one ear and a crescent moon stud in the other ear. 
Ear piercing is a great birthday gift as well as a milestone event. As Susan Landsberg, our master ear piercer always says, "It's not scary, it's fun!"
Ear piercing questions answered
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The ear piercing service includes a pair of earrings and a cleaning solution. We require an appointment for ear piercing. Please call (914) 510-8920 or contact us via email sales@landsbergjewelers.com or website chat!

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