Diamond Education: Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Good enough to eat, Salt & Pepper diamonds are in high demand and are on the rise! But what exactly are 'Salt & Pepper Diamonds' you may ask?

Diamond Education: Salt & Pepper Diamonds Edition

With inclusions that appear black and white, Salt & Pepper diamonds offer a more celestial and unique look to a classic diamond. Marketed as a 'celestial diamond' these stones are actually chalk-full of inclusions and no two are alike. Some appear more dark and moody, while others come light and bright with just a few tiny dark speckles. People are also attracted to the Salt & Pepper diamonds that give off more of a gray color than colorless.
Diamond Education: Salt & Pepper Diamonds Edition

Because Salt & Pepper Diamonds require fewer resources to mine than classic engagement ring diamonds, they happen to be perfect for the eco-conscious couple. With all their carbon inclusions and speckles, they are by nature less rare than colorless diamonds, which are also more expensive. Salt & Pepper diamonds are a budget friendly option for this reason too!  

In terms of the setting, since all salt & pepper diamonds are different, we recommend picking the diamond first, and then the color setting. The setting should amplify the colors in the stone and present an opportunity to establish a mood to the look of the ring. This is accomplished via the color gold and the finish (matte or polished).

We love the Half-Bezel Solitaire setting in yellow, white or rose gold with either a matte or polished finish. See one we made with a Salt & Pepper diamond, 2.37CTW below in polished 14-karat yellow gold.

Diamond Education: Salt & Pepper Diamonds Edition

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