All About Wedding Bands: Stacking & Solo

In this blog post we will tell you all about wedding bands: stacking & solo. We will discuss how to achieve a successful stack of rings as well as how to master the solo wedding ring look. 


All About Wedding Bands: Stacking & Solo

A symbol of love and unity, weddings bands are a unique way to express your style. From thin colorful stacking rings to diamond eternity bands, we offer a vast selection of both unique and traditional options for the bride and groom. Eternity bands look striking when paired with a classic solitaire, a brilliant halo or with an elegant three-stone design. Eternity rings also make wonderful anniversary gifts for milestone anniversaries. These rings add glamour to any wedding set. However, an increasing number of modern brides also favor these bands as stand-alone engagement rings. 


With their perfectly cyclical design, eternity bands have no beginning or end. For diamond lovers, eternity bands are a must as they amplify the sparkle to your finger. Unlike traditional wedding bands, which typically feature diamonds on the top and a plain band on the back of the ring, eternity rings form a continuous circle of diamonds. All rings have a tendency to turn on the finger, but it’s important to note that with an eternity band you never have to worry about the wrong side of the ring facing up! It’s 360-degree sparkle in any shape diamond you desire.

All About Wedding Bands: Stacking & Solo 


At Landsberg Jewelers, we love a good ring stack because they are perhaps the most telling of one’s true style. Stacking rings come in all colors and sizes. The mix of color and size is key to achieving a successful stack. From a color perspective, we love our rainbow eternity bands as well as our enamel bands by EF Collection. Additionally, we adore a stack of uniform bands in yellow, white and rose gold. This introduces the opportunity to seamlessly wear any color gold on other parts of your body. It all starts at your fingers!


All About Wedding Bands: Stacking & Solo




A great option for those looking for wedding bands on a budget, 1/2-around wedding bands are a fantastic option. If you go only a portion of the way around the finger, you do not have to sacrifice in the size of stone you want. You can get exactly the look you want.

All about wedding bands: stacking & solo


In addition to eternity and stacking bands, we offer a curated collection of one-of-a-kind wedding bands, which can also double as fashion rings. These include our ‘Confetti’ collection of brushed gold bands as well as our precious stone eternity bands.

Our Confetti collection rings come in a variety of widths and can be stacked as well! 

Precious stone eternity bands are beautiful on their own or stacked with others!

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