The Shifting Mindset Around Jewelry & COVID-19

These are strange times indeed. We wear our most comfortable sweatpants with sneakers instead of our seasonal designer clothing and heels, which have now found solace sitting that special place in the closet. We carry canvas tote bags instead of our showstopping designer handbags. We aren't going anywhere and our beloved clothing and accessories are having a crisis. Jewelry however, remains a vital accessory to our new sweatpants 'norm.'


How do we shift the mindset about jewelry & COVID-19?

Jewelry allows us to upgrade our everyday look and feel good, especially knowing that an investment in jewelry can be enjoyed for many years to come... not just another fleeting season.
Casual necklaces and earrings are a staple addition to a Zoom call outfit. On Zoom, our viewpoint is limited to the face, so your necklace and earrings speak volumes without even saying a word.
Diamond studs are of course a go-to, but hoops are another fantastic and classic option. The latest styles feature both diamond hoops in any color gold as well as simple gold hoops (tubular or flat) without diamonds. A pair of simply gold hoops offer the opportunity to dangle charms and a new look for every call you take from your computer.


We also love the lever-back huggie hoop earrings by Italian designer, Savoia. These gold brushed light-weight earrings are ideal for everyday wear and are a lot of look for an incredible price.



As for necklaces, we are loving the look of layering a gold chain with a pendant necklace. The addition of a gold chain, such as a paperclip chain a mariner chain brings a new look to an existing necklace that you may have had for years.



We recommend also considering a long doubling chain by one of our luxury designers, such as Penny Preville, which is sophisticated and purposeful. Substantial gold chains never go out of style and are always extraordinarily valuable, as is the price of gold. 


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